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Many older adults in our communities have limited social interactions and face challenges accessing in-person or online programs. Some prefer not to meet face-to-face for health reasons. Others encounter obstacles due to physical or mental health issues, financial constraints, transportation difficulties, or technological barriers.

Seniors’ Connect NS addresses these challenges by offering free, phone-based group programs that make it safe and easy for seniors to participate in interesting activities, meet new people, and make meaningful connections – all from the comfort of home.

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What Is It?

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Seniors Connect NS is a free, phone-based recreation program (any type of phone is fine). We have a program calendar tailored to the interests of older adults which can include trivia, storytelling, wellness presentations, educational lectures, music, and interactive games. 


We will never ask for any sensitive information - including financial information.  

Please note - this is currently a pilot project, which means it has limited scope.  Seniors Connect NS will be offered in Shelburne, Queens and Lunenburg Counties, as well as HRM.  It will run until the end of December 2024.  

How Does It Work?

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  1. To participate, please contact our friendly Coordinator, Rebecca, who can register you.  

  2. Below, you'll find our program calendar. Once registered, it will be mailed to your home each month. You're welcome to sign up for as many or as few programs as you like. 

  3. A few moments before your program is scheduled to start, Rebecca will give you a call. There will be a small delay as the other participants join, and then your program will begin! We will let you know the phone number you can expect to see on your call-display.

Program Calendars

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To register, or to share program feedback or ideas, contact our Coordinator, Rebecca.

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Who Are We?

Seniors Connect NS is modelled after the Seniors Centre Without Walls (SCWW) program operating across Ontario since 2017. It was created to increase connection between older adults.  Spencer House in Halifax and Shelburne County Mental Health & Wellness Association are partnering to offer the Seniors Connect NS pilot project, thanks to the support of Community Links and The Good Companions.  Funding has been generously provided by the NS Department of Seniors and Long Term Care.  

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“I had no idea I could have so much fun over the phone.”
"Helps with your sanity, I love this program!"

"I am more cheerful. I have something to look forward to. I laugh a lot more now."

Senior Man
"I look forward to this program every week. I live alone and do not have any nearby family so this phone session brings me so much joy when I am stuck at home."
“This program has made me open up a lot more. It changed me for the better. I am grateful.”
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Senior Woman in Kitchen

“This program is great! It’s usually the only social interaction I have throughout the day, so hearing everyone’s voices brightens my day.”


Contact Our Coordinator - Rebecca McCarthy

Phone: 902-410-7092

Mailing Address:

Seniors Connect NS

PO Box 955 
Chester, NS 

B0J 1J0

Send us a message:

Thanks for connecting with us!

Social media:

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Spencer House
Nova Scotia Department of Seniors and Long-Term Care
The Good Companions
Shelburne County Mental Health & Wellness Association
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